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Do you know the basics of Self Contained Shower Cubicle?

Nov. 11, 2019

Self Contained Shower Cubicle: Separate shower cubicles, modern homes have higher requirements for bathroom facilities. Many families want a separate bathing space, but because of the limited space in the living room, only bathing facilities and sanitary ware can be placed. In a room. The shower room makes full use of the corner of the room, and the shower area is clearly divided by a fence to form a relatively independent bathing space.

Self Contained Shower Cubicle

Self Contained Shower Cubicle

The shower room is divided into the shower room and shower room by function; Corner Standalone Showers Enclosure, inline bath screen, arc shower room, bathtub bath

Screen, etc.; according to the shape of the chassis, square, full circle, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped shower room, etc.; according to the door structure, the sliding door, folding door, swing door shower room, etc.

The overall shower room has more functions and higher prices, which can't be customized. The steam shower room is also called the steam room. Cardiac, hypertensive patients and children cannot use the steam room alone. Compared with the whole shower room, the simple shower room has no “roof” and is rich in style. The basic structure is the bottom basin or artificial stone bottom or natural stone bottom. The bottom basin is made of ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, etc. A plastic or tempered glass shower room is installed on the bottom basin, and the tempered glass door has ordinary tempered glass, high-quality tempered glass, water corrugated tempered glass and cloth tempered glass.

Their spending power will gradually emerge. Improving the living environment and improving the quality of life are becoming an urgent need for urban residents. Therefore, shower room manufacturers may wish to target the market in second-tier cities and the vast rural areas, where there is much to do.

The shower room industry is an emerging industry in the field of building hardware that integrates innovations in faucets, showers and related electrical equipment.

Under the background of urbanization acceleration and household consumption upgrading, China's shower room market will face a broader development prospect in the future.


1, can be divided into separate bath space. Most of the residential toilets and washrooms in China are combined. It is a reasonable choice to install a bathroom. This creates a relatively independent bathing space that avoids interaction and facilitates everyday life.

2. Save space. Some family bathrooms have a small space and can't fit the bathtub, while the shower room saves a lot of space.

3. With the shower room, when the shower is used, the water will not splash outside and the entire bathroom floor will be wet.

4, in the winter, the use of a shower room can also play a role in insulation. The water vapor gathers in a small space, and the heat is not lost quickly, making people feel very warm. And if the bathroom is large and there is no shower room, even if there is heating, it often feels very cold.

5 The shower room is rich in style and color. In addition to the function of bathing, it is still a very good ornament.

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