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How to choose a good Self Contained Shower Cubicle from scratch?

Dec. 23, 2019

The benefits that Self Contained Shower Cubicle brings to life are obvious to all, and the pursuit of a high-quality shower room is a top priority for families undergoing bathroom renovation. I believe everyone knows that when buying a shower room, the quality of tempered glass is the most important part, and the quality of the product affects the degree of safety. Home is an extension of one's heart. For us who yearn for a better life, home should be a comfortable space that takes care of life, work, and entertainment. In order to maintain an attitude towards life, the most indispensable part of home is to enjoy the details of life.

For those who focus on details, everything in the home is like art. But for those new to decoration, bathroom decoration is indeed a headache. How to plan the bathroom water and electricity, how to design the layout, how to improve the smell and water, how to save time and energy to buy all the products in the bathroom, these are the issues that need to be considered. Don't underestimate these few square meters of space. Once carelessness leads to decoration errors, you need to start over. Before decoration, let's take a look together and pay attention to those issues!

So how do you choose high-quality shower room glass? Let's take a look below!

Tempered Glass Walk in Shower Enclosure

Tempered Glass Walk in Shower Enclosure

How to buy Tempered Glass Walk in Shower Enclosure?

Many people think that the thicker the tempered glass, the better, but this is not the case. The most important thing for a shower room is the degree of tempering of tempered glass. The thickness of the glass mainly affects the shape of the shower room. Some of the cheaper shower rooms sold in the market are mostly produced by small workshops without production qualification, and then affixed to the brand of a regular manufacturer. In order to reduce costs, many small manufacturers even use semi-tempered glass or bent glass. These glass shower rooms are easily affected by external factors.

For example, hot water is used in winter or cold water is used in summer. The rapid alternation of cold and heat is prone to bursting, and the broken glass goblet will have sharp edges and corners, which will easily hurt people. The safety performance of tempered glass produced by regular manufacturers is very high. In addition, the shower room handles, rollers and other accessories can not be ignored. Because if the tempered glass has a small angle to damage the whole glass, it will burst automatically. The best choice of accessories is copper and stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and has a long service life. So, what issues should consumers pay attention to when buying?

1. Can not be cheap, to buy products with outer packaging, marked with the brand, factory site and certification, reject products without outer packaging, glass must have tempered glass 3C certification and brand logo;

2. Knock glass with knuckles, the sound of tempered glass is more crisp, and the sound of ordinary glass is more dull;

3. Authentic tempered glass will have a faint pattern when you look closely;

4. After purchase, ask Walk in Shower Enclosure Supplier to install on-site, so as not to increase the risk factor and the possibility of glass self-explosion due to improper installation;