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How to Decorate the Glass Shower Enclosure Floor Slip?

May. 26, 2020

As a Shower Enclosure Manufacturer, share with you. In the home life, the environment of the bathroom is relatively humid, mainly because the bathroom carries more functions. It is not only a place for washing clothes, but also a place for washing and showering every day. If you don't do the drainage work well and leave the bathroom in a humid environment for a long time, it will breed a lot of bacteria, and if serious, it will affect our health.

In order to keep the bathroom dry, many people will make a separate shower room, which can play a role in separating the wet and dry. Normally, when showering, the water will not be sprayed to other areas of the bathroom. Water can also be easily cleaned.

Walk in Shower Enclosure

Walk in Shower Enclosure

The separate Glass Shower Enclosure design can make other areas of the bathroom dry, but it cannot be in a humid environment for a long time. Because every day when showering, if the water is not discharged in time, it is neither hygienic nor beautiful, but also affects the mood of bathing. Therefore, in order to speed up drainage, many people design the floor of the shower room as a trough when they renovate the shower room. It will be much faster. 

The trough design means that the middle position of the ground in the shower area is raised, and the surrounding is depressed. The middle tile is changed from a large tile to a small tile. The gap between the tiles is increased, and the faster the water flows into the trough along the tile gap, the more the orientation Wide, so that the water that falls during the bath will quickly flow from the middle to the surrounding low groove, and then drain to the floor drain. The speed is very fast. Sometimes the water is drained before the bath is finished, so that it will not get in and out. Water stains are everywhere, dirty water can be discharged in time, and the ground can be kept clean.

In addition, the tiles generally placed in the middle of the trough are usually small tiles or frosted marble. The gap between the tiles in the middle of the small tiles and the tiles will produce a layered texture, which is more slippery than the larger tiles, and the surface of the frosted marble has uneven texture. , Increased ground friction, strong anti-skid effect, safer to use.

The method of pulling grooves in the shower area is also very simple. When laying tiles, two marbles are used to form a high and a low shape. The upper one has a smaller area and the surface has a cross groove, and the lower one has an area. It is relatively large, and it is directly laid on the cement, and then the floor drain is installed on its side.

The floor of the shower room not only looks good, it is also very distinctive. Not only does the water flow speed become faster, but also the slip resistance is stronger, and the safety factor can also be improved. Especially for families with elderly children, it is safer to use.

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