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How to Feel Life from Self Contained Shower Cubicle?

Feb. 24, 2020

As a Shower Enclosure Manufacturer, share with you.

Life is an intriguing art. When decorating the bathroom, many people will encounter insufficient space. When the bathroom needs to be renovated, in addition to paying attention to waterproof work, what else do you need to pay attention to? Take a look at other small home inspirations brought by Self Contained Shower Cubicle.

Reasonable arrangement

Most people's bathrooms are generally square and rectangular. The area is generally divided into three parts, namely the shower area, the sanitary area, and the washing area. The placement should also be reasonable, and the correct layout makes it easier to enter and exit the bathroom, and the space is more empty. Let the bathroom items be displayed from the outside to the interior. The washing area is next to the doorway, followed by the sanitary area and the shower area on the innermost side. It is very comfortable, both in use and visual effects.

Self Contained Shower Cubicle

Self Contained Shower Cubicle

After the layout design is completed, each area needs to be managed, especially the wet and dry separation. The shower room design makes the whole space drier, and showers are not easy with different styles and types. Choose styles according to space, font type, arc type, diamond-type, etc. Not only that, but you can also choose your favorite style, simple style, light luxury style, etc., all can be satisfied with only 2㎡.

Use the right tool to make the space look bigger

"White is fat" is also suitable for decoration. Bathrooms with small space should be decorated with light-colored items. Light-colored tiles, shower rooms, and bathware can make this small space increase in visual effect. Want more diversified bathrooms, light-colored and solid wood shelves are also very texture, the use of space on the toilet, space expansion becomes so simple.

The extra space at each location in the bathroom should not be underestimated, so that every corner of the home can be used and classified according to different functional needs.

Want to make your bathroom more open and more spacious, the space is more spacious, you can achieve with the overall shower room. The shower room with automotive-grade tempered glass can reduce the visual center of gravity and achieve the effect of enlarging the space. You can also choose to customize the shower room. With the shower room, the bathroom seems to have a different magic, things can be placed everywhere, it also eases the pressure of storage, so that the bathroom area is full of style!

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