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How to Repair Glass Shower Enclosure?

Jun. 03, 2020

Everyone knows that the shower room is a unique bathing space. Although the shower room structure is not complicated, it still needs to be maintained and maintained. Otherwise it will affect its service life. Today, Modern Design Shower Enclosure Supplier will give you some tips for repairing the shower room, so that when you encounter these problems, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to hire outside personnel to repair.

Tempered Glass Walk in Shower Enclosure

Tempered Glass Walk in Shower Enclosure

Common problems and repair methods of Glass Shower Enclosure:

1. Leakage in the shower room

First, check whether the waterproof rubber strip of the shower room is installed properly. If there is any gap between the shower room and the bottom basin and the wall, whether the glass glue is sealed, and finally check whether the water device is installed, whether the drainage pipe is installed well, and whether the connection is sealed.

2. The movable door of the shower room is not smooth

Check whether the pulley is damaged and the track is deformed. If damaged, it needs to be replaced in time. If the pulley of the shower room is caught by debris, tighten the position of the eccentric wheel, if not, it needs to be tightened and adjusted.

3. The bottom basin of the shower room is not well drained or has water accumulation

Check whether the drainage ditch or the drainage ditch is blocked by foreign objects, see the height of the ground, and whether the base is installed horizontally. If you find a blockage, you need to clean it immediately to avoid blocking.

Matters needing attention when using the shower room:

1. When using the shower room, pay attention to the positive force hitting the movable door to avoid the falling of the moving door.

2. The screw of the movable door pulley of the shower room needs to be adjusted regularly to ensure the effective bearing and good sliding of the pulley.

3. Pay attention to the regular cleaning inside the shower room to avoid hair blocking the water pipes.

In addition to safety issues, the waterproof performance of the shower room also plays a vital role. The use of spring hinge shower rooms is prone to water leakage and other situations. It is recommended that people should pay attention to the material of the waterproof rubber strip when choosing a shower room. Only the gap between the movable door sealed by the organ rubber strip and the fixed glass can prevent dripping.

If there is water leakage at the connection between the shower room and the wall, the hinge, and the joint between the door and the door, it is necessary to observe whether the sealing strip is coherent at this time, preferably from top to bottom. The connection between the shower room and the stone base and bottom basin, as well as the return water tank inside the shower room, are most easily overlooked. These inconspicuous details are all effective evidence of brand quality.

A good shower room is inseparable from the cooperation of glass, metal fittings, and rubber strips. Only when it is safe, waterproof, beautiful, and comfortable can it meet the requirements.

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