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How to Install Glass Shower Enclosure in Various Shapes?

Apr. 20, 2020

The bathroom is a non-priority planning space in the home. Many developers are designing and planning Glass Shower Enclosure to meet the needs of other spaces to layout the bathroom. Therefore, the bathroom area in most types of apartments is relatively small. In a limited small space, facing a shower room of various shapes, which one should I choose to install? Today, Shower Enclosure Manufacturer will share it!

Self Contained Shower Cubicle

Self Contained Shower Cubicle

1. Straight bar

The so-called straight shower room usually divides the shower area with a glass sliding door to divide the space inside the bathroom. This shape design is usually suitable for a relatively narrow and long toilet pattern. The room is the most comfortable bathroom design.

2. The square

The square shower room is suitable for some square toilets with relatively square patterns. If this type of toilet is only partitioned by sliding doors, the shower will be too large and the space will not be used properly. It can free up space for other uses.

3. Diamond shape

The diamond shape is to cut off a sharp corner on the basis of the square, so that you will not feel sharp and uncomfortable when entering the dry area of the bathroom, and you can also avoid accidentally installing it on the sharp corner of the shower room.

4. Circular arc

Compared with the diamond shape, the arc shape is to preserve the maximum space utilization foundation, and the shower room is made into a more rounded arc shape. This design has no edges and only lines, which is safer and comfortable.

5. Shower curtain partition

Some small toilets, or if the glass partition affects the overall use of the space, then you can consider replacing it with a shower curtain as a dry and wet separation partition to achieve more flexible and variable space utilization.

Which shower room is suitable for your bathroom?

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