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Can the material determine the safety of Shower Enclosure?

Jan. 18, 2020

Now that China's economy is gradually developing, people have begun to continuously improve the quality of life. The people's requirements for houses have also been continuously improved. Now for the building materials market, basically every adult will not be unfamiliar, because basically residential materials are purchased in the building materials market in each city. There are many types of building materials market, including steel, stone, and wood. The bathroom is one of them. The bathroom contains many materials. Frameless Shower Enclosure may be a relatively rare thing for 3 county-level cities. What is it mainly used for? There may still be many people who want to know. Here I will briefly explain the shower room to everyone!

Frameless Shower Enclosure

Frameless Shower Enclosure

The shower room was first introduced to China in 1990. At that time, the Chinese started to produce a shower room base. The shower room at the beginning, including the detail shower room, was not a simple thing. His structure was also very simple. It's complicated, because he is still a “rare” building materials and home improvement supplies. It is understood that an ordinary shower room at that time could sell for about 4000.

The main function of Glass Shower Enclosure is to isolate the shower from the outside, that is, dry and wet insulation, because nowadays, most residential bathrooms have toilets, hand-washing cabinets and the like, and it is more troublesome to clean the water if it leaks out. Shower rooms are now widely used, ranging from star hotels to swimming pool changing rooms. Many people here probably know why they should install shower rooms, right?

Glass has the characteristics of transparency, moisture resistance, good processing performance, and a small footprint. It is very suitable for partitioning the bathroom space. Therefore, stainless steel shower rooms are generally made of glass or plexiglass. Due to the poor performance of plexiglass in aging resistance, strength and abrasion resistance, there are fewer and fewer shower rooms made with it. Ordinary glass is not safe due to its poor rigidity and fragility. Therefore, the shower rooms produced by responsible manufacturers are made of toughened glass with excellent performance in terms of strength and rigidity.

When consumers choose a shower room, from the perspective of safety and durability, they must choose products made of tempered glass. However, the appearance of tempered glass is the same as ordinary glass, and it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Therefore, when purchasing a shower room, you must choose a large-scale, highly credible, and guaranteed after-sales service Framed Shower Enclosure Manufacturer to ensure that you can buy high-quality products.