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How to Prevent Shower Enclosure from Getting Moldy?

Apr. 13, 2020

The moisture in the bathroom is often annoying for many owners. The humid environment not only makes people uncomfortable to use but also makes the shower room moldy, which shortens the service life of the shower room. How to make the shower room not damp and mildew, and use it longer? Shower Enclosure Manufacturer has organized six methods, I hope to help everyone!

Shower Enclosure With Sliding Door

Shower Enclosure With Sliding Door

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1. In-wall design to prevent water vapor penetration

In general, 50% of the moisture in the bathroom comes from the ground. Through the design of the wall cabinet (ie, wall-mounted), the design of the bathroom cabinet can avoid the problem of direct moisture absorption at the bottom, and at the same time use the maximum space effect.

2. Borrow shower partition with good waterproof

The bathroom space in an ordinary home is often small in number. If you want to achieve complete separation between wet and dry, you must divide the bathing area and wash area with the help of a shower room or partition. In addition, in the selection of bathroom cabinet materials, composite panels can provide better waterproofness.

3. Rubber edge banding to provide sound-absorbing buffer

Usually, a rubber edge strip with anti-collision function will be installed at the part where the door is connected with the cabinet, in addition to reducing the sound of closing the door, it can also completely block the water vapor from the cabinet.

4. Hardware accessories that can resist corrosion and rust

With regard to the selection of hinges and slide rails, they must be completely compatible with the use of opening and closing. If rust and corrosion will affect the sealing effect, the hardware accessories that can resist corrosion and rust can also extend the service life of the bath cabinet.

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5. Waterproof aluminum foil placed on the bottom of the cabinet

During normal use, the faucet and the basin will encounter a large amount of condensed water when they encounter water vapor, and the condensed water will flow into the bottom of the cabinet along the countertop. At this time, a layer of waterproof aluminum foil is added to the bottom of the cabinet to avoid moldy deformation of the cabinet.

6. Side leakage bottom plate with drainage pipes

The basin is often directly connected to the bath cabinet, and the outlet line of the basin will directly pass through the bottom plate and enter the sewage pipe. If a side leakage bottom plate can be installed at the outlet of the pipe, it can completely prevent the condensation water from intruding from the edge of the plate.

Modern Design Shower Enclosure is the most intuitive expression of shower room brand design. It emphasizes simplicity and simplicity, but its function and practical value cannot be ignored. As for the overall shower room layout in the bathroom space, we should not only pay attention to the complete expression of space symbols, but also pursue the bright and concise appearance.

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