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What is the Process of Improving the Overall Shower Room?

Jun. 28, 2020

As a Shower Enclosure Manufacturer, share with you. In the current pursuit of quality of life, the shower room has attracted more and more people's attention and welcome, and slowly entered the public's vision. Along with this, shower rooms of various styles and materials have been developed and continuously developed, and are widely sought after by the public.

Self Contained Shower Cubicle

Self Contained Shower Cubicle

The setting of the shower room is generally arranged according to the pattern of their own toilets, the common ones are the semi-circular shower room and the rectangular shower room. The semi-circular shower room mainly encloses the innermost corner of the bathroom and makes it into a shower room. This kind of shower room saves materials, because both sides use the wall surface directly, which can save bathroom space.

The common rectangular shower room is usually a part of the toilet that is built directly into the shower room. The size of this shower room will be relatively large, or the length of the bathroom is relatively long. The shower room is more popular, one of the important The function is dry and wet separation. A humid toilet is prone to bacteria, which is terrible for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the presence of a shower room separates the toilet from wet and dry, creating a dry and comfortable toilet environment, which can greatly enhance the bathroom environment. The toilet after separation of dry and wet will be safer. As we all know, the danger level of the toilet is very high in a family. The elderly and children are easy to slip in the toilet. An important reason is that the bathroom is wet and the floor is slippery, so accidents are easy to happen. After installing the shower room, its safety can be said to be greatly improved.

The second function of the shower room: keep warm. Compared with the entire bathroom, the shower room is much smaller, and it will be warmer and not too cold when showering in winter. This is good news for people who are afraid of cold.

The third function of the shower room: multiple shower methods. The shower room is generally installed against the wall, which not only saves more space, but also saves the installation materials. The hidden multi-angle, multi-function outlet of the shower room can be installed against the wall. Compared with the traditional shower, it is no longer limited. Both top spray shower and hand shower have both massage and other effects, adding more fun to the shower.

The fourth function of the shower room: clear zoning. After the shower room is installed, the overall layout of the bathroom will be much better. The functional area is more clearly divided. There will be a small division in the shower area, washing area, and convenient area, and the overall beauty of the bathroom will increase.

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