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What is the Reason for the Glass Frameless Shower Enclosure not Being Capped?

Mar. 10, 2020

After entering the spring, do you feel that the water in your skin seems to have been "sucked up", becoming dry and rough, sometimes itching is unbearable and even the pain is cracked? Apart from your facial skin, have you considered how to hydrate your body? Winter and spring alternate seasons, the skin is always dry, some people think that as long as you apply a moisturizing skin cream, you can provide sufficient moisture protection for the skin, is that right? People who install shower rooms in their homes generally find that shower rooms are not designed to be capped. Why design it like this? Isn't it better to keep warm if the ceiling is designed? Let Glass Frameless Shower Enclosure Manufacturer tell you.

Frameless Shower Enclosure

Frameless Shower Enclosure

The reason why the Glass Shower Enclosure design is not capped is very simple. If the shower room is a completely sealed space, the water vapor generated during the shower cannot be dissipated, and it is easy to form a "high-concentration steam" shower space. In the environment, it will cause adverse reactions such as chest tightness and poor breathing. The uncapped design allows water vapor to dissipate slowly rather than completely collecting.

What influence does a capped shower room design have?

First of all, the ceiling shower room design has a high water vapor concentration during use, which is not good for human health, because when using hot water to take a bath, it will have a boring feeling, especially for some elderly people, it is easy to feel chest tightness Discomfort.

Secondly, the shower room design with the top will affect the overall aesthetic effect of the shower room.

Third, no matter what kind of door is used to make the shower screen, it must be done according to a precise ratio. Increasing the design of the top is the same as making the shower room, and the price of the shower room will increase.

Fourth, the glass of the shower room is tempered glass, and the height is basically 2 meters, which can achieve the function of partition. The wet and dry separation function of the shower room can prevent water splashes in the shower room and ensure the bathroom is clean and tidy. In general, the height of the shower room is sufficient, and it can basically be partitioned, and the cover treatment is not of much significance.

In order to create a better partition effect, in addition to the height, details such as the glass edges and interfaces of the shower room must be sealed, so as to better ensure that the water flow does not overflow and truly achieve "dry and wet separation."

The simple style of Frameless Shower Enclosure is the most intuitive expression of the shower room brand design. It emphasizes simplicity and simplicity, but it cannot ignore its function and practical value. The overall shower room layout of the bathroom space, we must pay attention to the complete expression of space symbols, but also to pursue the bright and simple appearance.