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How to Reduce the Risk of Using Shower Enclosure?

Feb. 17, 2020

As a Shower Enclosure Manufacturer, share with you. The impression of everyone in the bathroom may be wet, cold and dirty. How to solve the problem of always being damp and moldy, this is a problem that new and old houses will encounter. The emergence of shower room manufacturers has solved many of their problems. In fact, the quality of the shower room directly affects people's shower experience. In the past, people still stayed in ordinary tiles to decorate the bathroom. Nowadays, the popular Modern Design Shower Enclosure, what kind of floor is more suitable for shower rooms?

Shower Enclosure With Sliding Door

Shower Enclosure With Sliding Door

Moisture resistance is one of the most important requirements for shower room tiles. The so-called moisture-proof does not mean that the wall tiles and floor tiles absorb all the moisture in the bathroom. On the contrary, it means that the bathroom wall and the ground cannot be affected by humidity. In general, higher-quality tiles have lower water absorption.

But modern people do not like the cold, and generally do not like to use tiles to lay the floor of the shower room, especially the cold feet brought by the tiles in the cold winter. It takes courage to take a bath, let alone step on the cold tiles It is really unbearable.

So people chose the sauna board, which solves the problem of cold touch. Not only can it keep warm, but it can also effectively absorb steam and slip. The sauna boards generally used in shower rooms are selected from imported pine wood. After special treatment such as waterproofing and anticorrosion, it is not only environmentally friendly and easy to use, but also does not have to worry about moldy decay.

I believe that anyone who has renovated their homes knows the importance of floor drains for shower rooms. After each use of the shower room, if the accumulated water is not handled properly, it is also likely to cause safety hazards. Therefore, the floor drain is difficult to handle for the shower room floor, and it is also one of the most important construction procedures.

At present, the commonly used floor drain material for shower rooms is generally a process of embossing and embossing a floor stone and adding a washing tank. Hiding the floor drain and reducing the decoration will increase the overall aesthetics, but it should be noted that before installing the floor drain, the buried holes should be positioned and kept in advance, otherwise deviations may occur later in the decoration, leading to rework.

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