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Identify the quality of Shower Enclosure, remember these!

Jan. 13, 2020

Nowadays, people's living standards have greatly improved, and the conditions for home decoration have become better and better, and shower rooms have gradually entered people's homes. There are numerous Framed Shower Enclosures on the market today. Consumers should learn how to choose, and the key to the quality of a shower room is three aspects, I hope everyone can understand.

Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed Shower Enclosures

Today, the post-90s generation has gradually become the main consumer group in the domestic market. Compared with the 1980s, the post-90s paid more attention to individualism, independence, and had their own unique ideas. Therefore, "non-standard customized" swept the market at lightning speed, and the "non-standard customized shower room" has developed the fastest. The non-standard customization of the shower room is divided into ordinary non-standard customization and non-normal non-standard customization. Ordinary non-standard means that the size and thickness of the shower room will change within a certain range of customization, and the thickness and thickness will also increase or decrease. Without changing the overall structure, the handle may be replaced by other types of handles. Non-standard customization refers to changing the standard of the original accessories or special accessories combination of the shower room, and it is completely customized according to consumer preferences.

Non-standard custom shower room subverts the traditional mix. It advocates individuality, and can be customized according to consumers' personal preferences and the actual situation of the bathroom. It also sends professional installation engineers to come and measure the installation, and provides good after-sales service, which is favored by modern consumers.

As a Sliding Opening Shower Enclosure Supplier, let me tell you. The key to a good shower room is the following three aspects:

1. Selection of the skeleton and hardware components of the glass barrier

Fixing the framework and hardware components of the glass barrier is a key point of purchase for shower rooms, and it is even related to safety issues. Hardware on the market is generally divided into stainless steel and copper. There are many good and bad opinions, but The owners need to keep in mind that if you choose stainless steel hardware, 304 stainless steel is the best because it has strong corrosion resistance, high hardness, not easy to deform, and long service life. Because of its strong bearing capacity, strong corrosion-resistance, high hardness, and difficult to deform.

2. Shower room water strip

The water barrier of the shower room needs to be used when the bricklayer enters the floor to lay tiles. Many owners do not know the situation and have not selected a shower room in advance. They can only choose one in a hurry. Once they buy a non-standard size Water retaining strips will lead to a lot of money for customizing the shower room. The choice of shower room can be considered based on the size of the bathroom, but the shower room itself has a standard size. The strips must also conform to standard dimensions.

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