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Is the Thicker Glass in the Shower Enclosure Better?

Mar. 21, 2020

Tempered glass has a very small chance of self-explosion. In order to avoid this one in 10,000 chance, shower room manufacturers have different advantages in the choice of tempered glass. Consumers mistakenly choose a quality shower room and use it incorrectly are some of the possible causes of accidents. So how do you identify and clean the shower room glass? Then the next Shower Enclosure Supplier will tell you the glass of the shower room.

Is the Thicker Glass in the Shower Enclosure Better?

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Buy glass for self-inspection shower room

When choosing a shower room brand, you can carefully pay attention to whether the glass of the shower room has the 3C certification mark. From this detail, it can be seen whether it is a regular tempered glass product. In order to avoid accidents, in addition to paying careful attention to purchase, choose regular professional brand manufacturers, not greedy for cheap, but also carefully check whether there is a factory name, site and certification, etc. The construction process is more guaranteed.

The correct maintenance method of the shower room glass

In order to extend the service life of the shower room glass, in addition to knowing how to clean the shower room glass, you should also understand the maintenance methods of the shower room glass. The correct maintenance method can make the shower room maintain a long service life. First, do not wash the glass of the shower room with aggressive detergents. Secondly, if the glass of the shower room has scratches, you can gently wipe the scratches with 1500 # water sandpaper until the scratches are smooth, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.

The correct shower room cleaning method

Maintenance is a way to extend the life of the shower room, so cleaning is the secret to keeping the shower room beautiful. For lighter and smaller stains, we can make a mixture with salt and vinegar and then remove it with the mixture. Secondly, you can also go to the supermarket and buy a glass cleaning solution to clean it. If it is stubborn stains, you can use a toothbrush and other tools to wash it. Rinse off with warm water. Finally, if you simply remove water stains on the glass, you only need to prepare a glass scraper to easily remove the water stains on the glass, which is neither laborious nor laborious.

Modern Design Shower Enclosure The simple style is the most intuitive expression of the shower room brand design. It emphasizes simplicity and simplicity, but its function and practical value cannot be ignored. The overall shower room layout of the bathroom space, we must pay attention to the complete expression of space symbols, but also to pursue the bright and simple appearance.

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