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What are the three major development characteristics of the Shower Enclosure market?

Jan. 19, 2020

Modern Design Shower Enclosure is a separate shower compartment, which makes full use of the bath space and puts the shower room and sanitary ware in the same room. The shower room manufacturing industry is completely different from the toilet and hardware manufacturing industry. Whether it is product research and development or channel construction, it has its own unique operation method. Only by fully considering the characteristics of the shower room industry can further resources be integrated.

Building material industry analysts point out: At present, the shower room market has three major development characteristics:

Framed Shower Enclosure

Framed Shower Enclosure

First, compared to other bathroom products, the shower room was born relatively late. Framed Shower Enclosure products are only the most basic framework, and they also have relatively large development potential. For example, the steam shower room integrated with the steam function, and the new shower room with other functions. Whether it is glass color, material selection, or simple sliding door design, it can lead to the emergence of refreshing new products.

The second is that the biggest difference between shower room and other bathroom products is that it cannot be standardized on the assembly line, so this non-standard customized production has inconvenient product circulation. The non-standard customized production of the shower room has caused its high market price. If customized products will be an inevitable trend in the development of the entire shower room industry, the efforts of the shower room industry today will lay a solid foundation for future development.

The third is that most of the shower room enterprises are small in scale. In the traditional manufacturing industry where channels are king, small-scale enterprises will undoubtedly have more than enough resources in channel construction, which will further affect the development of the enterprise itself.

The purpose of the automatic water storage shower room is to store the water after showering for toilet use. The utility model adds a lower water tank below the shower room. The lower water tank is provided with a water inlet and a drain. The water inlet and the drain are provided with a water release and storage switch. A water tank is installed above the shower room and the water tank is provided with a water inlet. Water outlet and water outlet, the water the outlet is connected with the toilet water inlet; a water pump is installed on the upper water tank, and the pump suction pipe and the water outlet pipe are respectively connected to the lower water tank and the upper water tank; and the upper and lower water tanks are respectively installed with a sensing water tank The float at the water level is connected to the contact switch through the float link; the contact switch and the water pump are connected in series on the circuit at the same time. The utility model can automatically turn on or off the power of the water pump according to the change of the water level of the water tank, complete the automatic water storage of the water tank and then use the height drop to automatically provide water for the toilet.

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