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What should I do if the Glass Shower Enclosure is too Narrow?

Apr. 24, 2020

As a Framed Shower Enclosure Supplier, share with you. The bathroom space is not large, and there are often too many small items, constantly filling this small space. If it is not properly stored and planned, it will not only be visually messy, but also inconvenient to use and clean. Whether the Glass Shower Enclosure is clean depends on whether the storage method is appropriate. Many storage areas in the bathroom are often overlooked by people.

Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed Shower Enclosures

1. Add a frameless shower room and use the layout

For the bathroom with a small space, people often use a frameless shower room to create a perfect separation between wet and dry. In view of the different layouts of different houses, the selected shower rooms are also relatively different. For example, square or irregular-shaped bathroom rooms are more suitable for diamond-shaped shower rooms, while rectangular shower rooms are more suitable for in-line shower rooms, which is perfectly used. Shower room to create the perfect space division of the bathroom.

2. Use the space behind the mirror ingeniously

Through clever design, the mirror can also be turned into a storage space. The smaller bathroom can be equipped with a built-in mirror cabinet. The surface of the mirror cabinet looks like a normal mirror hanging on the wall. In fact, behind the hidden mirror, you will find that there is also a locker inside, enough to accommodate everyone ’s various toiletries, and the space will be expanded.

3. Effective bathing facilities use the surrounding space

The space around the toilet should also be used. You can make a shallow, high storage rack behind the toilet for magazines, cleaning supplies, etc. You can also make a fake wall to hide the toilet tank. Among them, digging grooves in the fake wall can also accommodate a lot of debris and play a role in display.

4. Make full use of the space above and below the sink

There is a lot of space in the washing area and it is also the most frequently used and debris item in the bathroom. Storage in this area will make the whole bathroom look cleaner.

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