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What should I do if the Shower Enclosure Decoration is More Difficult?

May. 12, 2020

As a Shower Enclosure Manufacturer, share with you. The bathroom is one of the most difficult areas for interior decoration. Other living spaces are more comfortable and beautiful. In addition to these two, the bathroom also requires a perfect functional partition. It pays great attention to practicality, otherwise it will affect the living life. Due to its simple, comfortable and clean bathing experience, the simple shower room has expanded its market demand year by year, and more and more families have begun to install simple shower rooms. Today I summarized the difficulties of the five major bathroom decoration at one time. If you want to install a bathroom, you will encounter these difficulties:

Framed Shower Enclosure

Framed Shower Enclosure


The decoration style is difficult to unify

Non-customized bathroom products, it is difficult to form a unified style of the entire bathroom space. Products from different brands, even if they belong to the same classic or modern style, have subtle differences. For example, there is a color difference between the profiles, and the overall look is not coordinated.


Docking many brands and consuming energy

The standard infrastructure in the bathroom includes: faucet, shower, toilet / squat toilet, shower room, bathroom cabinet, wash table, shelf, pendant, etc. There are a total of ten kinds. After purchasing all bathroom products, you must also contact at least 30 More than one brand consumes time and energy, and it is easy to buy fake and inferior products.


Different after-sales docking

Multi-category and multi-brand purchases make the installation and after-sales of the products a major problem. The delivery and installation time varies, and the after-sales docking varies, wasting a lot of decoration time.


Water circuit mismatch

In the early stage, I failed to make an overall plan for the bathroom space. When I purchased the product after the hard installation, it was easy to cause the product to not match the water circuit.


Poor storage, messy

The longer the house lives, the more things pile up. In the beginning, there was no plan for the storage of the bathroom. Slowly, the toilet will be filled with debris, which looks messy, and it will seriously compress the activity space.

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