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What is the Width and Size of the Modern Design Shower Enclosure Damper?

Mar. 27, 2020

Every time after taking a shower, the water stains are brought to the room and the room is exhausted? That is, the wet and dry separation of the bathroom at home is not done well. The most important thing about the decoration is the bathroom. In particular, pay attention to the separation of wet and dry. Do a good job to avoid a large area of wet bathroom, keep the bathroom cabinets dry, and help prevent the breeding of bacteria and mosquitoes.

Walk in Shower Enclosure

Walk in Shower Enclosure

The most effective way to separate wet and dry is to choose an overall shower room, and one of the basic steps is to install a water barrier under the shower room. It is recommended that you choose a suitable water barrier before laying the tiles, pre-buried, waterproof The effect is better, and the use of the shower room is more stable. Today, the Shower Enclosure Manufacturer will share with you how to choose a damper.

1.Water retaining bar size

In the market, the height of the Modern Design Shower Enclosure water retaining bar does not need to be too high, as long as it can block the water. When it is embedded, the height of the water-retaining bar embedded in the floor tile normally sinks to 15-20MM; if it is not embedded in advance, The water-retaining strip can also be placed on the floor tile, but it needs to be fixed with glass glue. For a long time, the glass glue is easy to age and not seal or become black.

2. The shape of the water-retaining bar

The specific size of the water barrier of the shower room must match the size of the shower room to achieve the effect of complete wet and dry separation. This requires that the appropriate shape of the shower room where the shower room is placed in the bathroom is carefully measured before purchasing the water barrier. Size, if possible, it is best to choose the store where the shower room and the water strip are sold together. The measurement is performed by professionals, which can avoid errors and save a lot of worry.

3.Water retaining bar material

With the development of the shower room industry, the material of the water retaining strip has become more and more abundant. There are artificial stone, marble, and granite. Which one is better?

1) Shower room water retaining strip made of artificial stone

Waterproof strips of artificial stone in shower room are more popular nowadays. They are anti-corrosive, acid and alkali resistant, impact resistant, non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-sticky oil, easy to clean, water-repellent, and waterproof and deodorizing. This shower partition material is gradually becoming the first choice in the market of decorative sanitary facilities and is loved by everyone.

2) Marble shower bar

Shower room marble water retaining strip is a kind of natural stone with soft texture and strong processing performance. And each marble texture is different, the surface is smooth and delicate, is a relatively high-grade shower room water strip material, the price is generally more expensive.

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